Attitude Status in English

Attitude is not just a trait, but a lifestyle that defines our personality. It’s a state of mind that reflects how we feel and how we see the world. Attitude is the reflection of your personality. In fact, it is much like a billboard of your personality.

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Attitude Status English

Be like a sun, keep on shining,
And let the world burn.

Attitude Status in English


Don’t cry over money.
Money never cries for you.


I deserve the world
so I,m gonna give it to myself.

Attitude Status English


I have a new theory in life
What other people think of me
is truly none of my business.


If you’re cooler than me, does that mean
I’m hotter than you.

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Be yourself because an original is worth more than just a copy.


I am not perfect, I am limited edition.

Best Attitude Status


Don’t Judge Yourself With Others Because,
You Are Different From Them.


Forget the haters because,
I never count them in my life.

Attitude Status in English

My life, My rules, My attitude.

Attitude Status


I don’t need your approval to be me.


My style is like amazone everyone says,
show more show more.

Best Attitude Status in English


I love haters, they keep me motivated.


My success is my revenge to my enemies.

Attitude Status English


The only person matter and that’s I, me and myself.


My success is what I use to slap my enemies.


Don’t study me. You won’t graduate!


You can watch me, mock me. Try to block me.
But you will not stop me.


You were born to fit in.
I was born to stand out.

Stylish Attitude Status in English

A girl should be like a butterfly
Pretty to see, hard to catch.


Make money first,
Fall in love later.


Would have left but victory is my insistence,
and I am the king of stubbornness.


My attitude is a virus that’s
Well worth catching !


There’s no need to sit at the table,
When you’re on the menu !


Excuse me, I found something under my shoes.
Oh, it’s your attitude.


I’m not special. I’m a limited edition.


I do very bad things and,
I do them very well.


Some people consider themselves to be lions,
But we are those humans who make lions move like dogs.


People with status do not need status.


My status is already high…


I am what i am
your approval is not needed
and it wasn’t never asked.

Stylish Attitude Status in English

Don’t talk about status, oh friend,
People are more afraid of my mustache
Than your gun.


Just saw the most smartest person when
I was in front of the mirror.


My choices are like fingerprints,
They make me unique.


People will love you, People will hate you,
Others will secretly wish to be you.


Beauty is only skin deep,
Attitude is down to the bone.


Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.


I’m born to express, not to impress.


I don’t have a bad handwriting,
I have my own FONT.


I am a tiger, not a king,
That’s why people meet with my permission,
Not with respect !


I let my haters be my biggest motivators !


People don’t change.
It’s the mask that falls off.


Now you don’t even deserve my hate, dude.


In my house I’m the boss,
My wife is just the decision-maker.


I never insult people, I just show them their level.


Never bend your head, Always hold it high,
Look the world straight in the eyes.


I can’t be replaced because,
I don’t chase, and I don’t race.


I don’t have an attitude,
Just a personality that you can’t handle.


Love me, Great Hate me Even Better,
Don’t know me? Don’t judge me !


Your Attitude May Hurt Me But,
Mine Can Kill You !


Never underestimate me,
because I am more than you think !


Attitude knowledge and skills are the best foundation of real beauty !


It’s okay if you don’t like me,
Not everyone has good taste !


You reek of a headache and drama,
Please stay away from me !


Respect those who tell the ugly,
truth not those who tell,
you beautiful lies !


I may not be perfect but,
I’m always me !


That’s fair enough that I’m Awesome Who Cares !


Start where you are Use what you have Do what you can !


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